Uhuru Kenyatta to lead in destruction of Sh1 billion heroin


3730-port A police officer inspects cartons at the port of Mombasa, July 24, 2014. A container carrying the cartons of sweets was suspected to be ferrying suspicious goods. (Source XINHUA PHOTO)

In July Heroin valued at close to Sh1.8 billion was discovered in a merchant ship impounded by the Kenya Navy at the Mombasa port. Anti-narcotics officers in Mombasa seized the 342.67 kg of the hard drugs from a suspicious ship, MV Alnoor (B.Bushehr Amin Darya). 

A Mombasa court later allowed an application filed by the Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Keriako Tobiko, that an order be issued for the destruction of the drugs due to what he termed as storage and security concerns. 

A Mombasa politician, Mr Maur Bwanamaka , two businessmen and nine Pakistanis were accused to be behind the shipping of these drugs. It is alleged that the accused were trafficking the drugs through cargo ship mv Amin Darya also known as…

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“I Was the First Person to Say that We Should Never Have Taken Our People to the ICC Because Our Institutions Had Not Gone to the Dogs and Kenya is Not a Failed State; ICC Was Meant to Humiliate Africans by Former Colonial Masters; the ICC Business is a Real Tragedy; and Africans Must Say NO, NO, NO!!” – Madam Nancy Gitau (NG), President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief Advisor on Political Affairs.


Kenya has been classified as being at a high risk of getting the Ebola virus by the the World Health Organization (WHO). The Ebola Virus Disease, has since March killed more than 1,000 people in Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea and Nigeria. Despite this shocking statistics from the west African countries, the National carrier Kenya Airways has direct flights to the four countries. Although the Airline has announced reviewing its direct flights to the capitals of Ebola-hit West African countries it should move with speed to ensure that the virus does not make its way to the country bearing in mind that Kenya is categorized a high risk area due to the heavy human traffic flow mainly through flight connectivity between Kenya and the four West African Countries. W.H.O representative in Kenya Custodia Mandhate said Kenya  and the rest of African were classified as level 2,which means a high risk area for the transmission category with the West African Countries being in category 1[highest risk].


Governors have joined hand in call for referendum outlining several demands which they feel should be adressed .Contrally to demands which the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy [CORD] are rallying for, the governers are pushing for increase for the money allocted to the counties,strengthening the senate by making it the upper house, review the law on impeachment or recall of elected leaders,clarification of the role of the counties in the management of environment,foresty,land natural resources,, calling for MCAs to enjoy similar priviages as MPs among others. The step taken by the governers has illicited differnt reactions from some members of the parliament as well as religious leaders. The head of catholic church in kenya Cardinal  John Njue has warned that the push for a referendum may divide kenyans urging political leaders to sit down and adress the issues that have been raised with sobriety.”we do not require this push and pull over the referendum again. The amount of confrontation that we are witnessing is not good for the country and can tear it apart,” he said.  Some senetors allied to jubilee coalition have also criticised governers call for referendum saying that some of the governors cannot account  for money allocated to them so far in their counties.President Uhuru Kenyatta while adressing Kenyans living in United States, dismissed the push for a referendum by the opposition leaders and the council of governors terming it as awaste of public money.



Just two days after the opposition CORD marked Saba Saba and called for a referendum, the alliance is facing a hurdle.

Now here is the thing, one of the key demands was establishment of a National Referendum Committee, this committee would be tasked with the  responsibility of coming up the referendum question(s), prepare the public for the vote and ensure that as many Kenyans as possible take part.

The team would be tasked to collect the one million signatures needed to initiate the public petition for a referendum.

However, any referendum would have to be conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), which Cord wants disbanded. How will this work? Will CORD conduct the referendum under the same IEBC they want disbanded?

Well, share your thoughts. To begin with, is CORDS’ calls for a referendum necessary?




The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy [CORD] principals have dropped their demand for national dialogue and instead unvailed 13 resolutions.The coalition leaders led by former prime minister Raila Odinga, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma Senetor Moses Wetangula launched the the 13 resolution agenda while adressing cord supporters at uhuru park.

Here are the 13 resolutions that were read out during the Saba Saba rally held at Uhuru Park:

1. We launch today(Monday) OKOA KENYA, a people’s movement to defend our Constitution, support one another in good and bad times, protect the gains we have made in democratic governance, and rededicate ourselves to national unity and peaceful co-existence.

2. Demand that the Jubilee administration addresses the escalating cost of living by reviewing the taxation regime; failing which we will boycott the consumption of goods and services whose prices are beyond the reach of the common Mwananchi and commence commercial sanctions against companies which continue to ignore our plight.

3. Convene an all-inclusive National Referendum Committee (NRC) for the purpose of preparing the people of Kenya for a national referendum on the critical challenges facing our Nation.

4. Mandate the National Referendum Committee to ensure the maximum participation of the people of Kenya in the referendum at the County, Sub-County and Ward levels all over Kenya; in formulating the referendum question(s), collecting and collating one million signatures to initiate the referendum.

5. Having lost all confidence in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC); do now demand its immediate disbandment and the establishment of a new electoral body.

6. Demand the immediate end to corruption, wasteful spending, reckless borrowing within and by Jubilee Government. In this regard, we demand that the Jubilee administration immediately cancels the inflated security camera contract irregularly awarded to Safaricom and that Safaricom withdraws from the contracts and subjects itself to competitive bidding, failing which we will commence commercial sanctions on Safaricom and other companies abetting corruption or engaging in monopolistic practices.

7. Demand that the Jubilee administration takes immediate steps to withdraw our gallant soldiers from Somalia to join our forces in securing our nation from home.

8. Demand that the Jubilee administration takes visible, decisive action to deal with runaway insecurity, including holding the senior security officials accountable for hundreds of Kenyans who have been killed and maimed in the various attacks and conflicts across the country.

9. Reject attempts by the Executive through Parliament to bastardise the Report of the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC Report) and demand the immediate implementation of the original and unadulterated Report.

10. Demand that the Jubilee administration immediately addresses the underlying land issues that are at the heart of some of the most enduring historical injustices and conflicts in our society.

11. Demand a National Audit and publication by the Public Service Commission of all appointments made in the public service by the Jubilee administration, with full details listing names, ethnic backgrounds and percentages.

12. Recognizing that the Jubilee administration has failed to apply national resources equitably across the country, we demand that 40 per centum of the projected ordinary revenue of the current fiscal year be allocated to the County Governments.

13. Demand that a National Audit on how resources at the disposal of the National Jubilee administration are applied across the country.

Sourced from The Star

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